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Join the movement for a sustainable future! Our app makes recycling accessible, fun, and rewarding, empowering everyone to contribute to environmental preservation.

Join the movement for a sustainable future! Our app makes recycling accessible, fun, and rewarding, empowering everyone to contribute to environmental preservation.



We're excited about EcoJackpot's potential to drive positive change in environmental sustainability. However, we believe the app could benefit from more intuitive navigation and clearer user instructions



Challenges for EcoJackpot include integrating a rewarding system that effectively incentivizes recycling without compromising sustainability, maintaining long-term user engagement, ensuring robust data security measures, building a strong community around the app, designing for scalability to accommodate potential growth, and navigating regulatory compliance across different jurisdictions. These hurdles require strategic planning and innovative solutions to ensure EcoJackpot's success in fostering environmental sustainability.


To overcome the challenges encountered during the development of Pocket Handyman, we undertook comprehensive measures. Thorough testing and optimization were conducted to enhance the video call feature and integrate the payment gateway seamlessly. Our focus on user data security resulted in the implementation of robust protective measures. Collaborating with industry leaders in video conferencing and payments ensured a smooth user experience. Through these efforts, we successfully delivered a reliable, convenient, and hassle-free on-demand video calling app to our users.

Product Highlights

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User Profile Management

Easily manage your EcoJackpot user profile to personalize your experience and track your environmental impact. With intuitive controls, users can update personal information, set preferences, and view their recycling statistics all in one place. From tracking points earned to accessing exclusive rewards, the user profile management feature offers a comprehensive view of your EcoJackpot journey. Stay connected and engaged with your eco-friendly efforts, ensuring a seamless and rewarding experience every step of the way. Efficiently manage your profile to maximize your impact on environmental sustainability with EcoJackpot.

QR Code Scanning for Lucky Draw Participation

Empower users to participate in EcoJackpot’s lucky draw by simply scanning QR codes printed on recycling bags or bins. With this intuitive functionality, users effortlessly contribute to environmental sustainability while earning chances to win exciting rewards. Seamlessly integrated into the app, the QR code scanning feature ensures a smooth user experience, encouraging widespread engagement with recycling initiatives. Through this innovative approach, EcoJackpot not only simplifies the recycling process but also gamifies it, motivating users to adopt eco-friendly habits and make a positive impact on the planet

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Participant Event History

Access your complete event participation history within EcoJackpot, providing insight into your contributions to environmental initiatives. Explore past events, including recycling drives, clean-up campaigns, and community initiatives, all conveniently stored in one place. By reviewing your event history, you can track your impact on sustainability efforts and celebrate your contributions to a cleaner planet. This feature promotes transparency and accountability, empowering users to stay engaged and motivated in their environmental activism. Dive into your event history to reflect on your journey towards a greener future with EcoJackpot.


QR Code Scanning

Seamlessly scan QR codes on recycling bags and bins to participate in EcoJackpot's lucky draws, earning exciting rewards with each scan.

Profile Management

Personalize your EcoJackpot experience by managing your user profile, where you can track your environmental impact, update preferences, and view your recycling statistics.

Event Participation History

Explore your past contributions to environmental initiatives with EcoJackpot's event participation history feature, providing transparency and insight

Community Engagement

Connect with a community of eco-conscious individuals and organizations through EcoJackpot

Gamified Recycling

Turn recycling into a fun and rewarding experience with EcoJackpot's gamified approach, encouraging users to participate in eco-friendly .


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“We entrusted the development of EcoJackpot to a team that truly understands the importance of environmental sustainability. Their dedication to our vision was evident throughout the process. From the initial concept discussions to the final product launch, they consistently delivered beyond our expectations. The app they developed exceeded our hopes, making recycling accessible, fun, and rewarding for users.”

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