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Débattons-en: Bridging Political Divides through Open and Respectful Discourse | Political Dating APP

Débattons-en: Bridging Political Divides through Open and Respectful Discourse | Political Dating APP



Débattons-en is a social app aimed at reducing political divisions and promoting understanding between individuals with different political views. The app connects users through a Tinder-style matching system based on their political overview and allows for in-app messaging for respectful and safe political discussions. The goal of Débattons-en is to bring people together for open and respectful discourse, promoting unity and understanding in today's politically divided world.



The development of Débattons-en, a political debate app, presented a number of challenges that needed to be addressed in order to provide a positive user experience. Ensuring respectful discourse was a top priority, as political debates can often become heated and hostile. The development team had to design a platform that encouraged respectful debates and filtered out any hostile or disrespectful comments.


To overcome the challenges faced during the development of Débattons-en | Political Dating APP, the development team employed a variety of innovative solutions.

One solution was to implement strong moderation tools that monitored user behavior and filtered out any disrespectful or hostile comments. This helped to create a respectful and inclusive environment for all users, regardless of their political views. The moderation tools also helped to ensure that the debates remained on topic and did not devolve into personal attacks.


Product Highlights

Engage in Productive Debates with the Chat Feature in Débattons-en | Débattons-en | Political Dating APP

Engage in Productive Debates with the Chat Feature in Débattons-en

The chat feature in Débattons-en serves as a crucial element within the app, enabling matched users to partake in constructive debates. Designed with an intuitive and user-friendly interface, the chat functionality facilitates seamless message exchanges, empowering users to express their opinions effectively. Its primary goal is to foster respectful and productive discussions, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a courteous environment. To support this objective, the chat feature incorporates reporting options, allowing users to flag any instances of disrespect or hostility. By leveraging the previously mentioned moderation tools, Débattons-en safeguards the integrity of debates, ensuring they stay on track and avoid personal attacks or diversions.

Find Your Political Counterpart with the Matching Profile Feature in Débattons-en

The matching profile feature in Débattons-en lies at the core of the app’s mission to bridge political divides and foster understanding. By connecting users with individuals holding different political views, the feature facilitates meaningful debates and encourages the expansion of perspectives. Similar to popular dating apps, Débattons-en incorporates a swipe-based profile browsing system. However, instead of matching based on personal interests, users are matched based on their political views. By intentionally pairing users with diverse perspectives, Débattons-en cultivates an environment where meaningful dialogue can flourish, promoting mutual understanding and constructive exchanges on political topics.

Find Your Political Counterpart with the Matching Profile Feature in Débattons-en | Débattons-en | Political Dating APP
Unlock More Informed Debates with Débattons-en

Unlock More Informed Debates with Débattons-en’s Political Quiz Feature

Débattons-en’s quiz feature offers a distinctive and inventive approach to matching users based on their political views. By participating in a political quiz, users can provide comprehensive insights into their beliefs and values, enabling more precise and accurate matching. The quiz comprises a series of thoughtfully crafted questions that assess users’ political stances on diverse topics, encompassing areas such as the economy and social issues. The data gathered from these quizzes is then utilized to connect users with others who share similar or contrasting views, fostering an environment conducive to engaging and meaningful debates. This innovative feature not only enhances the accuracy of the matching process but also opens the door to thought-provoking exchanges.


Connect with people of different political views

The Let's Debate app connects you with individuals who have different political views, providing an opportunity to engage in meaningful discourse and gain a deeper understanding of different perspectives.

Reduce political division

The app aims to reduce growing political divisions by fostering open and respectful discussions between individuals who may have differing opinions.

Tinder-style matching system

The app uses a swipe-style matching system similar to popular dating apps, allowing users to quickly and easily find potential debate partners who share similar political views.

In-app messaging

Once two users have been matched, they can engage in discussions through the app's in-app messaging system. This allows for a safe and secure platform for political discourse.

Political overview

Users can provide a political overview of their views, making it easier to find potential debate partners who share similar perspectives.


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“Débattons-en has been a game changer for our team. The platform allows us to easily host engaging and productive debates and discussions. The support team is always available to help. Awesome work by Ingenious Minds Lab Team”

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