IngeniousMindsLab Development Model

We, at IngeniousMindsLab are constantly looking to refine and improve our services to customers. We develop our relations with customers based on our experience so that we can assist with personalized touch with our services rather than following a mathematically designed standard approach which is just profit oriented.

Our Process to Your Success

  • Inquiry

  • Discussion / Requirement Gathering

  • WireFrame / Design

  • Development

  • Testing / QA

  • Deploy

Our Development Approach

Requirement Analysis

The ideas required to develop for the project are discussed between our team members. We encourage open discussion in our team as it results in creative and innovative ideas. The idea is brainstormed and all of the major framing of the applications are screened along with the tool required.

Designing and Architecture

The foundational architecture of the system is decided for the project undertaken. The entire scheduled is planned and panned out along with the milestones to be achieved at decided dates. This helps proper planning and leaves very less chance of last minute emergencies.

Project Implementation

Once the underlying architecture is set, the actual implementation is carried out and our programmers work on coding and designers on logo creation and aesthetics.

Testing and Debugging

The entire project is tested module wise. Full access is given to the client and if any bugs are experienced, full debugging and fixing is carried out for efficient and smoother operations.

Deployment and After-sales Support

Development of the project undertaken is just the start of the road. Our team carries out continuous improvement of the developed project and fixes any bug along with technical fixes.

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