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In a fast digitizing world, web application development company is soon going to become the primary channel of communication and might as well serve as the backbone of any product/service and this is where IngeniousMindsLab comes in as a complete service IT solution provider, catering to requirements relating to web and mobile application development, database solutions.

We have a track record of providing on-time and efficient solutions meeting client requirements, thereby adding value to their business processes. We provide solutions on variety of platforms- Android, iOS, asp.net, PHP. .

Our main focus, as a Web app development company is to provide strategic planning ,Top quality oriented delivery & industry’s best product to compete in the market

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PHP Development

Forming the major chunk of web application development, PHP Technology provides flexibility and stability in developing web applications. Development tools like corePHP, WordPress, CakePHP and CodeIgniter are areas where you will find skilled resources from IngeniousMindsLab.

PHP, being an open source technology, has contributed a major chunk in slicing the cost barrier in an application development. With its continuous enhancements and updates, PHP has become one of the most preferred choice of technology for web application development.

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CodeIgniter Development

Get effective PHP programs at IngeniousMindslab. We create full-featured web applications with the help of CodeIgniter framework and offer clients high-quality PHP programs. The efficient and experienced team at Orange Mantra creates web applications in very short span of time and that too within clients’ budget.

The company offers intuitive and dynamic websites while using this amazing framework. Years of experience in the field helps company offer well-documented, organized and high-quality web solutions that are also optimized for speed. The team here incorporates a range of powerful features of PHP framework in CodeIgnitor development process and delivers result oriented web applications.

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Laravel Development

IngeniousMindslab specializes in maintainable and reliable custom Laravel application development. This particular framework allows us to build solid codes for our clients. We write APIs and clean codes for easy version managements and code maintenance. Our programming environment is user friendly that it allows multiple programmers to work together for fast and efficient results. Good understanding of source code and better readability set our programs apart ensuring high quality app developments

ingeniousMindsLab has always stayed ahead of the race in accepting latest technologies. Our experience & expertise in Laravel has helped us develop scalable and robust solutions for our clients across various domains & sectors.

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Node JS Development

As a best Node.JS development company, we create fast, scalable and real time applications. Node.JS is a JavaScript run-time environment that helps in the execution of JavaScript code server-side. It is an open–source cross-platform JavaScript that helps in the development of real-time network application. It offers the developers event-driven I/O APIs and asynchronous. It can also interpret JavaScript code via Google’s V8 JavaScript engine..

Moreover, it operates on a single threaded event based loop to make all executions non-blocking. However, you cannot consider Node.js as not a framework and it has nothing to do with the PHP, .NET or JAVA.

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Angular JS Development

AngularJS is developed and maintained by Google. AngularJS enhances the features of HTML to build a very interactive and dynamic user interface for websites and mobile applications. As the booster of HTML, a major traction is given to AngularJS..

AngularJS development companies are choosing AngularJS over any other web developing framework because of the advantages provided by the AngularJS which makes it stand out from the rest. Features like Data Binding, MVC, Scope, Routing, Deep linking, Controller, Services, Dependency Injections, Cross platform app development and unit testing makes possible to develop robust, clean and dynamic application development with AngularJS

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Web Application Our selected work


Assist 2 Develop connects the people to the resources and tools necessary to allow anyone, anywhere, to create anything. Assist 2 Develop is an online marketplace that helps with your one-time and ongoing engineering needs. We connect your business with top engineering freelancers, give you the tools to collaborate in real time, which can help you create innovative products. Let us help you build products your customers are going to love!.

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Feedbacker is the new social way for sharing your opinions and reviews about your experiences easily and for FREE. Effective and timely feedback is a critical component to improvement for everyone no matter what they do. Start the conversation simply by WRITING a title and your opinion. You can then FOLLOW the title and see what others think about the same subject. You can also SEARCH for a title that is interesting to you and sees what others have been talking about.

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Now you can get all of your Golficity content in one place! The Golficity App provides you with access to the latest Golficity articles, podcasts, videos and more. Receive exclusive notifications when new Golficity podcasts and videos are available and download, listen, and watch directly from the app. Follow the latest trending golf news stories and submit your own comments. Features Include: • Golficity podcast and exclusive video notifications. • Golf and fitness instructional articles from top instructors. • Trending golf news and opinion content. • Plus a whole lot more.

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Dollarbid are a 24-hour silent auction site with a Buy Now option. Dollarbid is a company like others, but we are working hard to be Number 1 in our domain. We started with a dream which has now turned into a reality. Our main focus is to support victims of environmental disasters at home and abroad in an effort to restore lives and communities. We also provide valuable resources to those in need related to various causes and our veterans. At Dollarbid, our main goal is to generate sales to assist others while providing customers with a hassle-free and exciting experience that makes online shopping fun, easy and affordable..

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TalkToMe provides interpretation services to authorities, private businesses and individuals in Finland. With the help of our interpreters, the subject matter is precisely and confidentially communicated from one language to another. It’s obvious that you are most relaxed when you can communicate in your own native language. With our services you will be assured to have comfortable and easy conversations. An interpreter is an unbiased, multilingual communication professional. All the parties are equal in the eye of an interpreter.

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Pineappleonline.com is an online platform that combines the most trendy and unique business concept in online market..

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Today, it's no problem to find tons of tips, tricks, and advice worth millions, even for free. The problem is that most of them don't actually work. Why? Because we have to act. But our brains are designed to resist change, uncertainty, and the fear of potentially making mistakes. Instead of improving ourselves, we start to procrastinate...

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