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Laravel is the universally used open source framework for the creation of user-friendly, simplistic API’s to interrelate with the API’s of existing web applications and popular web services.

Using this feature-packed framework, IngeniousMindsLab Laravel developers can build customized web applications, tailored to meet the requirements of our clients. With its ability to add abundant useful features to PHP web applications, Laravel development is among IngeniousMindsLab most sought after services.

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Why Choose Us?

With years of hard work and expertise in utilizing the latest technologies for web development, IngeniousMindsLab has managed to establish a respectable reputation as a leading web development company in India. We offer a variety of cost-effective and industry-based solutions for web application development including Laravel application development.

IngeniousMindsLab offers robust and scalable web application development services using Laravel. Our services include integration and customization of existing web applications using Laravel, development of custom Laravel API’s and addition of features to PHP web applications to meet the client’s requirements, among others. IngeniousMindsLab has assembled together a team of highly experienced Laravel developers who are well-versed in the use of latest methodologies and the best industry practices.

As a prominent web development company in India, we offer you to hire our Laravel developers and they would definitely surpass your expectations.


  • Skilled Laravel developers

  • Use of the latest tools and technologies

  • Regular reporting and project updates

  • Expertise in Website & Web App Development

  • Responsive Web UI/UX Design

  • Fast turnaround time

  • Cost effective solutions

Web Application Our selected work


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Benefits Of Working With Us

  • Handpicked industry level expert resources
  • Client focused leadership & approach
  • Transparent engagement models–limited budget evolving scope
  • State of the art infrastructure with latest technologies
  • Strong proficiency in custom web applications
  • Complete transparency in workflow & commercials
  • Competitive rates with no compromise on quality
  • Attractive partnership or long term association benefits

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  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • 100% Confidentiality Assured

    (Strict NDA Terms)

  • 100% Customer Experience
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